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Narratives. Documentaries. Web Series. Conceptual Shoots. Music Videos. 


VAL is a fictional film based on real life events. She finds herself in a situation like many others. Young, pregnant and pressured to do the "right" thing. When her choices deliver her blows she has no control over, what she does next will determine the future for her and her baby. Starring Avery Pizzuto and Ethan Roth. Directed by Dezi Barr.

STAY (Cover)

Actress and Singer Cora Stone performs a cover of Rihanna's "Stay". 


A boy learns who is really there for him. Starring Chris Garcia and Monica Lopez. 

I See The Moon

Actor and festival director Brian Higgins captures a candid and intimate conversation with his son.


Abandon is a film about about a headstrong girl named Bliss who faces the rage of her dying father. Starring Karlee Broschinsky, Yates Warren, and Darin Malchus.

The Nice One

A married couple takes a hike when divine intervention has a surprise waiting. Starring Tina McCafferty and Justin Alphabet. Directed by Dezi Barr

Corporate Robot

Sidecar Judy


Ruby teaches her mother an important life lesson. Starring Syler Day and Jill Adler.


A man reflects on the relationship he had with his family. Starring Ryan Templeman, Jacob Buster, Dusti Jones, and Sahara Krompel.